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New Chinese style is in fashion


Chinese traditional culture is profound and extensive, and with the increasing international status and national confidence of our country, the new Chinese style that combines Chinese culture with modern design has been highly respected by Chinese people since its inception, and even more and more international friends like it.

Since its inception in 2010, Shiyu has been rooted in the field of new Chinese-style home decorations. Over the past 13 years, the Shiyu brand has consistently pursued continuous exploration and research of the market. Designers combine traditional culture and modern elements with unique design ideas and an attitude of innovation to create a simple, generous, and comfortable living space that embodies both a high aesthetic taste and cultural identity. More and more products are winning high recognition from the market and new middle-class consumers. In this issue, we have selected home decorations that combine traditional elements with a modern touch. Let's enjoy them together.

Jingdezhen has created the porcelain empire in China that is widely admired. Shiyu has collaborated with many outstanding artists from Jingdezhen to create unique ceramic designs using handmade techniques. These designs are either nimble, elegant, or beautiful. They go through a high-temperature firing process of over 1300 degrees Celsius, ensuring that the color glaze is smooth, transparent, and shiny, giving the ceramics a lustrous and glossy appearance.

ceramic home decorations
By combining the factory's core advantage technology - enamel and hand-painted techniques, with a style that differs from traditional Chinese culture that tends to be deep, reserved and introverted, the products created by the brand can better reflect the elegance of the new Chinese style, adding cultural atmosphere and enhancing the taste of the space. This effectively deepens the cultural heritage of the space, and more and more products are catching the attention of contemporary middle-class consumers.

Extravagant ceramic vase

Crystal glass is a unique design that is fired at a high temperature of over 1400 degrees and then goes through more than ten meticulous handcrafted processes to naturally condense into a noble and magnificent glasswork. Its colors flow beautifully and the quality is crystal clear and dazzling.

Crystal glass home decorations

Shi Yu carefully selects high-quality crystal glass crafts with unique designs, combined with exclusive and innovative enamel color painting techniques, bringing a more pleasant, exquisite, and beautiful home experience.

Handmade Glass Flower Vase

Those jade ornament crafted using natural Afghan jadeite materials. It abandons the traditional intricate Chinese-style lines and combines with enamel technology. By vividly depicting the beautiful symbolic elements in traditional culture, it highlights a youthful and elegant posture. Through exploring new values in inheritance and expressing substance in blank spaces, it has gained high recognition from the younger generation of consumers.

Natural Jade Stone Ornaments

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