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Details in Manufacturing Lay the Foundation

Based on their different manufacturing processes, our home decor items are produced in different factories, depending on the materials they are made of.

Metal products factory

We look at the weight of the product, the thickness of the material, the gloss of the surface, the standard color, and a high density multi-component zinc alloy is chosen as the primary material. Due to its high hardness, corrosion resistance, and excellent ductility, therefore, the shape of the product is various and exquisite, with a full load-bearing fell.

Ceramic products factory

Selected porcelain pieces carefully from Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital of China, are hand-made with changeable shapes and stylish designs.  After 1300° high temperature firing, combined with the traditional ice crack process and crystal glaze process, make sure that the finished porcelain is fine, hard, high strength, not scratchy, has a crisp sound, smooth and delicate feel, bright and moist color, low water absorption rate, does not absorb odor and is easy to wash.

Marble products factory

most of our marble products are made from artificial marble with well proportioned colors and textures instead of using fragile and unevenly textured natural marble.we will cut and engrave the raw material marble plates according to your requirements and will polish the shaped items before quality inspections .mainly used to make sculptures ,vases,candle holders and base of sculptures because of its weight and stablilty

Glass products factory

Inheriting the art of hand-crafted glass, it not only has a transparency comparable to crystal, but is also hand-made glassware.The instrument is fashionable and unique, with stylish color combinations, a smart temperament, luxurious and elegant, and a departure from the ordinary.

People are the key to quality

Technical Craftsmen

Home décor products from RUNXIN are produced by hand. Attending to the finer details of the production process lets our designers and craftsmen avoid welding scars and surface scars, ensuring each product is durable and unique.

Experienced QC Team

Products manufactured within the facility go through strict quality control before leaving the premises. Our professional quality control team goes through each stage of production, from the materials to the final product.

Quality Control Highlights

  • 01

    Incoming Inspection

  • 02

    Polishing Inspection

  • 03

    Adhesion Test

  • 04

    Salt Spray Test

  • 05

    Hardness Test

  • 06

    Drop Test

  • 07

    High Temperature Resistance Test

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