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As a Marble Candle Holder manufacturer with its own independent marble production workshop, Rundecor has a very rich and exquisite natural marble library, which is beautiful in jazz white, mysterious in Mongolian black and quaint in greenite. There is a huge amount of inventory in Rundecor factory, thus ensuring that any creative style of Rundecor designers has an opportunity to be perfectly realized.

The research and development team of Marble Candle Holder, with its profound aesthetic attainments, is committed to giving full play to the beautiful, mysterious, sexy, profound, calming and other characteristics of natural marbles, and creating Marble Candle Holder with high quality and superior quality through high-quality electroplating technology.

With a high level of appearance, perfect styling, and firm, durable features, Marble Candle Holder made by Rundecor is popular with decoration designers and interior decoration companies of hotel model rooms in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States and other customers with its high facevalue, perfect modeling and firm and durable features.

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Square Marble Candle Holder

Square Marble Candle Holder

The Candlestick, a symbol of ritual life, this Rundecor high-quality Square Marble Candle Holder is based on natural jade and expresses its natural properties to an extreme using simple geometrical modeling.
Quietly elegant in color, soft and smooth in natural texture, just right to convey the heart of life.

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Runxin has been producing Marble Candle Holder for many years and is one of the professional high quality Marble Candle Holder manufacturers and Suppliers in China. We have our own factory. Customers are satisfied with our products and excellent service. If you are interested in our products, you can not only have discounts but also buy them at the factory price. We warmly welcome you to wholesale products from our us. We will provide you free sample.