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Rundecor has been a Metal Fruit Bowl manufacturer for 13 years. Zinc alloy, a high-quality metal raw material with good hardness, high density, good ductility and high temperature resistance, is selected as the main material for the art vase, greatly expanding and enriching the decorative and modeling of vases. With an excellent combination of techniques such as electroplating, polishing and hand painting, the product style is novel and unique, and sends forth unique bright colors. Whether used as an art decoration, or combined with fashionable floriculture, it has the properties of never going out of fashion and being durable, bringing more pleasant and better quality of life enjoyment.

The research and development team of Metal Fruit Bowl has extensive and in-depth communication with the outfit designers, relying on its profound aesthetic attainments, inherits the brand's outstanding ingenuity, puts in innovative creativity and combines the current trend colors, fashion elements and new crafts to create Metal Fruit Bowl with well-structured and artistic aesthetic characteristics, which is up to 50 per year.

With high facevalue, exquisite craft details, higher quality standards, and 13 years of professional production and manufacturing experience, Metal Fruit Bowl made by Rundecor has become a favorite with consumers in the middle and high-end markets in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

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Glass Fruit Bowl with Metal Gold Flowers

Glass Fruit Bowl with Metal Gold Flowers

Blue skies and white clouds, symbols of clear and pure beauty, butterflies flying, flowers blooming, what a poetic and aesthetic scene of nature.
The Rundecor high-quality Glass Fruit Bowl with Metal Gold Flowers gives exquisite life, a wonderful experience of cheerfulness and elegance.

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