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Zhongshan Runxin Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Runxin, after 13 years of development, the company's sales network covers the world, Customers have spread all over the world, the product categories are diversified, and it has a sound organizational structure. Design Department, Purchasing Department, Business Department, Finance Department, Production Department, Quality Department, Warehousing and Logistics Department, each department plays a big role in the development of the factory.






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  • RUNDECOR: The Pinnacle of Modern Aesthetic in Home Decor

    As the quality of life continues to improve, the demand for home decor among modern individuals is on the rise. As a specialized manufacturer in the field of home decor, RUNDECOR, with 13 years of glorious history, has been committed to providing innovative and fashion-forward modern artistic home decor for the middle and high-end consumer market. Today, we will introduce to you three uniquely featured products, showcasing their materials, production techniques, and distinctiveness.

  • "Autumn-Winter Home Aesthetic Feast" - RunDecor | Autumn-Winter New Product Launch invites you to join us at Maison Shanghai and appreciate the charm of modern home decor together!

    Can't hide it anymore! The preferred platform for global soft furnishing design and procurement - Maison Shanghai 2023 Fashion Home Exhibition will grandly open from September 11th to 14th at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre (SWEECC).

  • Innovating the Pinnacle of Home Decor, Perfectly Blending Aesthetics and Functionality

    RUNDECOR, a manufacturer of high-quality home decor products with 13 years of experience, has been dedicated to innovating and independently developing modern art-inspired home decor items. We not only stay in tune with home decor trends and fashion elements but also prioritize consumer preferences and needs. In this article, we will delve into the details of an exquisite glass vase, a minimalist ceramic vase, and two exquisite decorative pieces that have won the hearts of many.

  • Rundecor Home Decor | Persimmon Harmony Series

    In this beautiful autumn, the persimmon tree is laden with plump fruits, emitting a sweet fragrance. Persimmons, hailed as the king of autumn fruits, not only symbolize abundance and prosperity but also represent good luck in all endeavors. The "Seasonal Expressions" Persimmon series draws inspiration from this wonderful fruit imagery, incorporating the unique charm and symbolic meaning of persimmons into everyday home life.

  • Shiyu Home Decor | Like Fish in Water Series

    In traditional Chinese culture, fish are regarded as symbols of auspiciousness and are endowed with the meanings of abundance, luck, and prosperity. Therefore, people often use various types of fish as decorative items, bringing their beautiful imagery into their homes and embodying their aspirations for happiness and good fortune.Shiyu incorporates this rich and positive symbolism into its design philosophy, using a diverse range of materials such as ceramics, jade, crystal, and glass to create a variety of fish figurines that are both artistic and meaningful. These decorations adorn people's lives with a touch of artistic personality, enhancing the quality of a beautiful lifestyle.

  • RunDecor: Fusion of Modern Art and Practical Functionality, Elevating Home Elegance

    In the ever-evolving realm of home decoration, the interplay of aesthetics and practical functionality has always been a pursuit. However, there's a brand that has consistently stood out, catering to the discerning tastes of the mid to high-end consumer market. After an extraordinary journey of 13 years, RunDecor has become synonymous with innovation, exquisite craftsmanship, and contemporary elegance in the field of home decoration.

  • RUNDECOR: 13 Years of Craftsmanship and Innovation in Modern Home Decor

    As time evolves, home decor has transformed from mere embellishments to representations of taste and lifestyle. With a rich history of 13 years, RUNDECOR, a dedicated manufacturer of modern art-inspired home decor, sets its sights on the middle to high-end consumer market. Rooted in the spirit of craftsmanship, the brand seamlessly integrates innovation and independent research and development into its products, infusing a fresh sense of fashion into homes and leading the trends in interior design.