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Zhongshan Runxin Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Runxin, after 13 years of development, the company's sales network covers the world, Customers have spread all over the world, the product categories are diversified, and it has a sound organizational structure. Design Department, Purchasing Department, Business Department, Finance Department, Production Department, Quality Department, Warehousing and Logistics Department, each department plays a big role in the development of the factory.






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  • A Year in Review - Leading the Way in Modern Home Decor

    As the year comes to a close, and the company prepares for the annual holiday, RUNDECOR takes a moment to reflect on the past year's achievements. Established in [Year of Establishment], we have dedicated ourselves to the innovative artistry of modern home decor for thirteen years, focusing on the middle to high-end market and consistently leading the industry trends.

  • Home decoration industry welcomes new opportunities and new trends lead market changes

    Home decoration, as an important element to improve home quality and personalized expression, has been favored by more and more consumers in recent years. According to iMedia Consulting, the market size of home decoration in China will maintain stable growth from 2021 to 2027, reaching 300 billion yuan by 2027. The home decoration industry has ushered in new development opportunities, as well as new challenges and changes.

  • Welcoming Spring and Embracing Fortune: Rundecor New Year Decor, Beautifying Your Home

    As the chimes of the New Year gradually echo, every household is filled with hopeful wishes for the future. To meet the aspirations and pursuits of countless families for a beautiful vision in the new year, Rundecor Home Decor has specially launched a New Year Decor series. This series focuses on traditional New Year blessings such as "prosperous career," "great luck," "family happiness," and "safe travels," combining exquisite craftsmanship and profound design intentions, making it an excellent choice for beautifying your home.

  • A Good Choice For Visiting Relatives and Friends

    As the Spring Festival approaches, exchanging gifts when visiting relatives and friends has become a manifestation of the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Choosing a gift that is both auspicious and presentable not only expresses care and blessings to loved ones but also showcases your taste and refinement. Rundecor Home Decor has carefully prepared this season's Chinese New Year gift guide, presenting you with a series of thoughtful and meaningful products.

  • The Pine of Ideal Beyond Reality

    Whether you lean toward modern minimalism, have a passion for contemporary luxury, or find yourself enamored with new Chinese style or the trends of INS, we have meticulously crafted products to add vibrancy to your home life.

  • Exquisite Craftsmanship, Leading the Trend of High-end Home Decor

    RUNDECOR, a manufacturer dedicated to modern artistic home decor, has been in operation for over 13 years. In the fierce market competition, we have successfully targeted the middle to high-end consumer market, becoming a leader in the field of home decor with a commitment to quality and a pursuit of innovation. We are devoted to creating a modern aesthetic blend of decorative and functional home decor items that consumers love.

  • Exquisite Artistry of Taihu Stone, a Marvel of Nature

    Stone, a masterpiece of nature, a witness to the passage of time. Taihu Stone, in particular, is an artistic creation within the realm of stones and holds significant meaning in traditional Chinese culture, carrying rich emotional connotations and beautiful symbolism.

  • A Christmas Showcase of Exquisite Home Art

    In this joyous season, acclaimed home decor manufacturer RUNDECOR is pleased to share its commitment to innovation and excellence in the home decor industry over the years. Focused on the mid to high-end consumer market, RUNDECOR has become a pioneer in the field of modern artistic home decor, skillfully integrating the latest trends and fashion elements.