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Runxin is a professional manufacturer and global supplier of Decor Sculptures for middle and high-end home furnishings. Through 10 years of in-depth understanding and exploration of home improvement styles, fashion trends and traditional classic culture among middle and high-end consumers around the world, carefully chosen environmentally-friendly and healthy  materials, it is hand-made or semi-handcrafted by craftsman, each product that not only has a good-looking and sense of value, but also accords with the needs of modern home decoration, bringing an all-round improvement in quality, style and artistry to the home.

RUNXIN Home Decor controls the development process of new products from beginning to end, from the original concept to CAD design and mold production. Our products bring incomparable convenience and fashion to the living environment and office spaces, leading to a better life. With RUNXIN products, you will find creativity and inspiration for fashion decor and entertainment.

As of today, there are up to 1,000 kinds of Decor Sculptures in-process, covering modern, luxurious, minimalist, American, retro, ART DECO and other styles of Metal Decor Sculptures, Ceramic Decor Sculptures, Crystal Decor Sculptures and Resin Decor Sculptures.

Besides these, there are more than 600 patented products.  We spend more than RMB 1 million per year on research and development for new products. An increasing number of excellent original products are selling well in the global market with advanced materials, excellent craftsmanship, fashionable and unique shapes, and cost-effective.

The factory was established in 2010 and covers an area of 6,500 square meters. We have our own processing workshops, including metal processing, handmade ceramics, marble processing, handmade glass, cast iron processing, resin making and processing. 13 years of professional manufacturing experience, as well as a standardized professional quality control and quality inspection management team, ensure that every process and detail is presented with high quality. To choose us is to choose comfort, safety and quality.

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Resin Decor Sculpture of a Cow with Headphones

Resin Decor Sculpture of a Cow with Headphones

Take a break from your fast-paced work and life. Spend leisurely days in the sun, listening quietly to music, and feeling the warmth and ease of life. Rundecor high quality Resin Decor Sculpture of a Cow with Headphones with headphones has a simple, guileless, creative design that brings an unfettered mood.
A moment away from the fetters of secular, is the pleasant and pretty pursuit of modern home life.

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Runxin has been producing Decor Sculptures for many years and is one of the professional high quality Decor Sculptures manufacturers and Suppliers in China. We have our own factory. Customers are satisfied with our products and excellent service. If you are interested in our products, you can not only have discounts but also buy them at the factory price. We warmly welcome you to wholesale products from our us. We will provide you free sample.