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Shiyu Home Decor | Cultivating for 13 Years, Invites You to Create a New Era of Home Decoration Together


For 13 years, rundecor Factory has been dedicated to independent research and development of home decor products, represented by the Shiyu brand. It is a journey of exploration that brings back beauty to our daily lives, draws abundant inspiration, engages in a dialogue with contemporary home decoration trends, and creates a new era of exquisite home living.

The 20th National Congress Report proposed that 'high-quality development is the primary task for comprehensively building a socialist modernized country'. Against this backdrop, as a leading factory in the home decor industry with 13 years of expertise, rundecor has put forward three higher requirements for its own development.

The first requirement is to achieve high efficiency and profitability, which means that the company should generate more effective output with less input. In recent years, Rundecor has continuously optimized its internal management processes to improve coordination and streamline operations among departments, reducing waste and significantly improving management efficiency. The company has also optimized its ERP system, resulting in near-zero inventory for spare parts, defective materials, and unsold finished products.

The second requirement is to achieve stable growth. The stability, sustainability, and risk level of a company's operations are important indicators of its development quality and strength. In recent years, there have been significant changes in the domestic and international economic situation, as well as in the home decoration industry's style trends. Failure to keep up with these changes can lead to problems such as stockpiling, short product lifecycles, and an unstable cash flow, which can create production difficulties for the company. Rundecor's approach to achieving stable growth is to accumulate expertise in quality craftsmanship and technology, design products that do not blindly follow trends, control the pace of operations, focus on improving internal processes, and encourage and reward employees for enhancing their own capabilities. This ensures that the company operates steadily and seeks victory amidst stability.

The third requirement is to consistently adhere to innovation-driven transformation and upgrading. Innovation is the primary driving force of development, including innovative production processes, structural innovation, innovative appearance design, and innovative sales strategies and channels. These have been the long-term directions that our company has adhered to. For example, our leading innovation in enamel color and high-temperature firing techniques, which have been applied to trendy products loved by young people, and the improvement of paint formulas to enable these techniques to be applied to a wider range of materials, resulting in lower costs and more diverse shapes, colors, and forms. We have also updated our design methods, using software to model and colorize new product developments before 3D printing, making product design more efficient and significantly reducing development costs.

This year, the company has set even higher standards for innovation. Firstly, the product categories have become more diverse and comprehensive, including all categories of home decoration such as vases, fruit bowls, candy jars, candle holders, wine racks, trays, storage boxes, photo frames, tissue boxes, etc. All of these products are the result of independent research and development and innovative design. Secondly, there have been iterative upgrades in the quality of raw materials and production processes. From the early days of wrought iron, the company has upgraded to using copper, zinc alloy, jade, marble, and high-temperature ceramics as the main materials for its products. The company uses high-quality enamel, high-temperature firing, and high-temperature glazing processes, giving the products a timeless charm and value as a collectible item for home decor.