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March hot-selling products captured in real-life photos


March hot-selling products captured in real-life photos, featuring a blend of light luxury, trendy modern and new Chinese styles. Enamel color adds an artistic touch to the collection

The Crystal Fish of Good Fortune

The design inspiration comes from the koi fish, which symbolizes good luck and happiness. The image of a vivid and lively red koi fish is painted using the exquisite cloisonné enamel art that was once exclusively used in the imperial palace. The design embraces a crystal sphere, adding a touch of auspiciousness to the already abundant wealth and good fortune, implying that wishes will be fulfilled and dreams will come true.

Light Luxury Butterfly Clock Pendulum Ornament

Dynamic streamline design with various postures, the butterfly vividly leaps on the branch.

The mature black color carries a sense of stability and weight, while the elegant golden color is rich and textured.

Butterflies are beautiful fairies that are light and graceful, free-spirited and optimistic, always seeking for the most beautiful posture.

Romantic and always living in such poetic ways, they forever move towards the direction of beauty.

Artistic vase of wealth from all directions


A crab, with its powerful claws, sounds like "money" in Chinese homophonic language. Walking sideways and exuding a domineering presence, it symbolizes ruling the world. With 8 claws representing grabbing wealth and luck from all directions, it signifies prosperity coming from all directions. The resin vase is molded into a magnificent shape resembling the vast and magnificent golden ocean. Crawling inside, it showcases its majestic and imposing.

Happiness butterfly jade ornament


Importing natural white jade from Afghanistan and incorporating high-end enamel butterfly designs, this modern, fashionable gift conveys wishes for love, friendship, and success in one's career. The butterfly symbolizes steadfast and pure love, as well as courage and strength in the ancient Mayan civilization, also known as a flying dragon. When a butterfly lands on your doorstep, it is a sign of good luck and prosperity, representing soaring success in one's career, as well as harmony and health

"Feng Shui" decoration that brings successful growth and prosperity


As the wind blows over the sea, it quickly stirs up magnificent waves. The koi fish rise up and ride the waves with freedom and joy, creating a scene of successful growth and prosperity. This image symbolizes a vibrant and thriving career.

Let beauty return to life, draw abundant inspiration, and dialogue with the era of soft furnishings. Together, we compose a new journey of tasteful living for home decor.

For 13 years, we have focused on independent research and innovative design of home decor products. With original patents and exclusive copyrights, we have provided a one-stop supply of home decor products, including home decorations, vases, fruit bowls, candy jars, candle holders, wine racks, trays, storage boxes, picture frames, tissue boxes, and other full-category products to over 1000 foreign trade wholesalers, domestic e-commerce platforms, physical wholesalers, and overall soft furnishing groups.