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Rundecor|Enterprise Style 2023 Outstanding Employees' Trip to Guilin


Rundecor|Enterprise Style 2023 Outstanding Employees' Trip to Guilin

In May, during this vibrant season, we embarked on a romantic journey to strengthen our company's culture, foster teamwork and innovation among our employees, as well as recognize outstanding individuals and enhance cohesion. Over the course of three days, we ventured through the mysterious and magnificent Longji Rice Terraces, witnessed the renowned peaks along the Li River, explored the fascinating wonders of the Silver Cave, strolled through the European-style streets of West Street in Yangshuo, and experienced the breathtaking beauty of Guilin's landscapes while drifting on bamboo rafts along the picturesque Yulong River.

On the first day, our journey began with the awe-inspiring natural landscape of the Longji Rice Terraces. These cascading terraces resembled a massive painting, and standing there, I felt as if I were in a fairytale world, surrounded by magnificent mountains and intricate rural scenery. A sense of awe and admiration for nature overwhelmed me. Not only did we appreciate the breathtaking views, but we also witnessed the spectacular scene of the sunset and dusk. Standing at the mountaintop, overlooking the surroundings, we seemed to transform into poets like Li Bai, who exclaimed, "Ascending high, I behold the vast expanse of heaven and earth, with the great river flowing endlessly."

Continuing on to the second day, we embarked on a cruise along the Li River, traversing through the picturesque Hundred-Mile Gallery. The Li River is one of Guilin's most famous rivers, and the scenery along the way was enchanting. On the cruise ship, I marveled at the stunning green hills, crystal-clear waters, and ancient fishing villages. These hills, with their diverse shapes and colors, seemed as if they were painted by a magical brush, creating a series of breathtaking landscapes. Under the radiant sunlight, the entire scenery resembled a moving landscape painting.

We immersed ourselves in this natural painting, as the boat gently moved forward, experiencing the infinite possibilities of life. Silver Cave, on the other hand, left us in awe of the wondrous creativity of nature. Within this limestone cave, there were stalactites and stalagmites that resembled animals, stone columns, and natural landscapes resembling crystal palaces. There were also precious relics from hundreds of years ago that had been buried deep underground. The interior was beautifully decorated, with lights illuminating the magnificent stalactites and stalagmites. By admiring these marvelous sights, we gained a deeper understanding of the insignificance and fragility of humanity in the face of nature.

In addition, we also had a wonderful time in Yangshuo West Street. It is an ancient street with a rich cultural atmosphere, filled with various shops, restaurants, and handicraft stores. I tried the local delicacies and tasted a variety of delicious snacks. At night, the street was illuminated by dazzling lights, and people's laughter and joy created an unforgettable evening experience for me.

Lastly, on the bamboo raft of the Yulong River, I sat comfortably on the raft, drifting on the clear river water, and admiring the beautiful scenery on both sides. The charming views along the way immersed me, especially the picturesque mountains in the distance. Occasionally, we bumped through the turbulent river, experiencing the resilience of life and the courage to face challenges head-on, giving us a dual sense of relaxation and adventure.

The bamboo raft is like the boat of our life, enduring storms and waves but always moving forward steadily. As Qu Yuan said, "The road ahead is long and distant, I will seek and explore in every direction." Even though the road may be long and challenging, I will explore and seek knowledge.

In our daily work, employees face various problems and challenges that require a lot of energy and time. During this picturesque travel activity, employees were able to set aside work worries, relax their minds and bodies, relieve stress, and share joy and challenges together. It allowed us to unleash our passion, talents, and individual charm, showcasing our team's spirit and personal charisma. This trip not only allowed us to experience the beauty of Guilin but also deepened the friendship among us.

During the 3 days of collective living, the young took care of the elderly, male colleagues looked after female colleagues. Whether it was rowing on the Li River or tasting local delicacies in Yangshuo Town, the entire travel experience became more enjoyable and relaxed, showcasing the spirit of mutual assistance, friendship, unity, and cooperation. The employees closely collaborated, helping each other take photos, giving directions, and conveying a positive and uplifting message of our times.

This trip not only allowed us to appreciate the grandeur of nature but also made us realize the true essence of life. Each scenic spot was like a painting, prompting us to contemplate, marvel, and deepen our understanding of life. We deeply felt the connection between humans and nature and cherished our precious and wonderful life even more, knowing that it is something not easily obtained.

During the trip, we took care of each other, helped one another, and participated in outdoor activities to unleash our passion and talents. It also enhanced our communication and established unbreakable bonds. We are a group of young, energetic, creative, and ambitious individuals who eagerly look forward to more colleagues joining us next time. Together, we will inject boundless energy into the company's development and create more miracles!