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RUNDECOR unveils new products: Goldfish Figurine and Vase, splendidly interpreting the beauty of modern art.


RUNDECOR, a manufacturer specializing in home decor, has been in operation for 14 years, focusing on the mid-to-high-end consumer market. The company is dedicated to the innovation and independent development of modern art home decor, continuously incorporating the latest home decor trends and fashion elements to create a modern aesthetic fusion of decorative and functional home decor products beloved by consumers. Its main product range includes home decor, vases, fruit trays, wine racks, clocks, candle holders, daily storage, photo frames, wall hangings, covering various styles such as modern minimalism, contemporary luxury, new Chinese style, INS, and more.

Recently, RUNDECOR has introduced two stunning new products: the Goldfish Figurine and Vase. The Goldfish Figurine, with its unique design and exquisite craftsmanship, has captured numerous eyes. Available in two sizes, this figurine features a transparent crystal base supporting a colorful glass goldfish on a tree branch, evoking a sense of agility and vitality as if swimming freely in water.

Equally captivating is the Vase. Also available in two sizes, it is crafted from blue flat glass with a rim made of linear-shaped alloy, combining simplicity with delicacy. This design preserves the characteristics of modern simplicity while incorporating linear elements, providing a sense of modern art beauty.

The launch of these two new products once again showcases RUNDECOR's innovation and design prowess in the field of home decor. Whether it's the agility and vitality of the Goldfish Figurine or the simplicity and delicacy of the Vase, both exemplify the beauty of modern art, offering consumers more choices and enjoyment. We look forward to these new products adding a touch of brilliance to home decor and making life even more beautiful.

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