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RUNDECOR unveils its brand new Walnut Wood Collection, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with practical functionality.


Recently, leading home decor brand RUNDECOR once again leads the trend by launching its latest Walnut Wood Collection at the 53rd China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair, offering a fresh array of decorative options for the mid-to-high-end consumer market. As a frontrunner in the industry with 14 years of dedicated focus, RUNDECOR has been committed to innovation and independent research and development of modern artistic home decor, incorporating the latest trends and fashion elements, establishing itself as a beloved brand among consumers.

This new Walnut Wood Collection not only continues RUNDECOR's consistent design philosophy but also emphasizes the practicality and aesthetic appeal of the products. Among the highlights of the collection are:

Walnut Wood Vases: Available in two sizes, these vases feature a vertical rectangular shape, blending functionality with elegance, adding a touch of natural vitality to your home decor.

Walnut Wood Trays: With two handles on both sides for easy handling, these trays boast exquisite designs that not only serve as decorative pieces but also find practical use in daily life, offering convenience to users.

Walnut Wood Ashtrays: Adorned with a copper bird on the lid, these ashtrays exhibit a unique artistic sense while providing practical functionality, allowing you to enjoy tobacco in style and luxury.

Walnut Wood Storage Jars: Also available in two different sizes, these jars feature a copper mountain decoration on the lid, showcasing distinctive design concepts that not only serve as storage containers but also add warmth to your home decor.

This collection encompasses various styles including modern minimalism, contemporary luxury, new Chinese style, and INS style, catering to the diverse aesthetic preferences of consumers. The launch of RUNDECOR's Walnut Wood Collection sets a new trend in the home decor market, injecting more artistry and warmth into your living space. Stay tuned to the official website of RUNDECOR for more exciting updates.

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