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New Product Exhibition | Exquisite Living Starts with Shiyu Home Decor


In March 2023, Shiyu Home Decor launched its new season home decor product exhibition to its customers and consumers. With the theme of "Exquisite Living Starts with Shiyu Home Decor," this exhibition showcases a series of innovative and fashionable high-quality home decor products, aiming to create a comfortable and beautiful living environment for customers.

As one of China's leading home decor manufacturers, Shiyu Home Decor showcased a variety of featured products in this season's exhibition, including vases, ornaments, tissue boxes, fruit trays, candle holders, and more. All products are made of environmentally friendly and safe materials and undergo strict production processes to ensure excellent quality and diverse styles.

In this exhibition, Shiyu Home Decor launched a series of "Chinese-style light luxury" products that inherit traditional Chinese elements and innovatively design them with modern techniques, combining quaintness and fashion, leading the trend of fashion.

Shiyu Home Decor also launched some customized home decor products in this exhibition to meet different customers' personalized needs for living space. Customers can customize home decor products of various styles, designs, and sizes according to their needs, making the living space more personalized, comfortable, and warm.

"We are committed to creating a high-quality, comfortable, and beautiful living environment for our customers, making life more exquisite," said a spokesperson for Shiyu Home Decor. "We will continue to innovate and improve, bringing better products and services to customers and letting every family enjoy the beautiful life brought by Shiyu Home Decor."

The exhibition started on March 1st and will last until April 30th. Customers and consumers are welcome to visit and purchase.