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New Home Decor Products Unveiled at Runxin Factory's Spring Launch


Since the beginning of the year, the consumer market, which has been quiet for some time, has seen a wave of hot sales. Against the backdrop of a significant rebound in Chinese New Year consumption and a strong start to the year, the home decor industry in China is gradually recovering. Since the resumption of work, the number of new and old customers visiting the factory, whether for foreign trade exports, domestic e-commerce or domestic physical consulting, has increased significantly. From March 18th to March 21st, the 2023 Runxin Factory Event - the Time Language Home Decor New Product Launch and the 51st China Guangzhou International Furniture Fair (CIFF) - is approaching. In this issue, the editor brings surprises to our old and new customers and fans in advance, with a sneak peek of Runxin's new products, new atmosphere, new policies, and new image for the new year.

In terms of product highlights this season, Runxin Factory has become more clear about its positioning as a source factory, continuing to focus on independently developing, designing, and producing home decor, home furnishings, vases, fruit plates, candlesticks, tissue boxes, wall hangings, and other categories. On the existing product line, which combines enamel color technology with materials mainly made of ceramics, jade, glass, crystal, and resin, we have further clarified our product development route, mainly based on the new Chinese-style light luxury style, which is sure to maximize our core advantages, technological barriers, and cost-effectiveness. In addition to the ongoing exhibition preferential policies, we have also launched a single-item explosion activity for our brand channels, aimed at new and old customers in three channels, including foreign trade exports, domestic e-commerce, and physical wholesale. We also plan to launch new product explosion activities every month, in addition to our existing three-season new product launch event, to ensure that we keep up with market changes and empower B-end customers, helping new and old customers steadily enhance their market competitiveness and sales performance.

Since the beginning of the year, both market traffic and company order volume have increased compared to 2022. We face the current market with a positive and optimistic attitude and believe that 2023 will definitely be better. In addition to new product development, Runxin Factory in 2023 will focus more on fine-grained cost control of factory operations and management, and enhancing innovation in high-value home decor products to ensure high-frequency output of new products with high appearance value, high quality, and high cost-effectiveness. We will also further increase the safety stock base to ensure faster delivery of orders, truly achieving efficient and fast delivery of perfect quality, and achieving win-win situations for employees, customers, suppliers, and factories.