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A Glimpse of Luxurious Living – Art on the Table


Welcome to the official RUNDECOR website! For 14 years, we have remained steadfast in our dedication to innovation and independent research in modern artistic home decor. RUNDECOR, with its unique design philosophy and exquisite craftsmanship, is committed to creating decorative and functional home accessories that consumers love, making us a trusted choice in the mid-to-high-end market.

Our products are more than just simple home decorations; they are perfect embodiments of modern aesthetics and a fusion of fashion and art. From elegant vases and unique fruit plates to noble wine racks, exquisite clocks, warm candle holders, practical everyday storage, distinctive photo frames, and intricate wall hangings, each piece reflects the creativity and dedication of our designers.

RUNDECOR's design styles are diverse, encompassing modern minimalism, contemporary light luxury, new Chinese style, and INS style. We constantly pursue the perfect combination of fashion trends and home design, striving to ensure that every product adds a unique charm and taste to your home environment.

Today, we recommend three new products. First is this pair of brass deer candle holders. These candle holders feature a unique and elegant design, composed of a brass deer and a candle cup atop its head. The candle cup is typically used to hold candles or decorative items, while the brass deer serves as a supporting structure, adding stability to the holder. The antlers are intricately designed, presenting an elegant posture. They are carved into slender shapes that gradually taper, giving a lifelike impression. The top of the antlers is adorned with a candle cup engraved with patterns or designs, enhancing the candle holder’s visual appeal. Overall, this brass deer candle holder is not only practical but also holds artistic value. It is suitable for placement in the living room, bedroom, or other indoor spaces, adding a warm and romantic atmosphere to the room.

Next is this amethyst ornament. This deep purple amethyst ornament features a surface covered in sharp crystal structures. These crystals reflect dazzling light under illumination, evoking a sense of mystery and nobility. The unique shape resembles a growing cactus, offering a strong visual impact. The ornament is mounted on a transparent glass base, adding stability. The crystal base and glass cover’s transparent materials allow viewers to clearly see the internal textures and structures of the amethyst, increasing its aesthetic appeal. This amethyst ornament is ideal for the living room, study, or bedroom. Whether for personal collection or as a gift, it is an excellent choice. Especially for those who appreciate natural gemstones and unique decorations, this piece is a rare gem.

Lastly, we present this stainless steel fruit tray. This silver-colored metal tray features a smooth and shiny appearance. Its rectangular shape with slightly rounded corners gives it a softer look. The most striking aspect of this tray is its two handles. Each handle is meticulously designed in the shape of golden branches, adorned with small leaves, providing a natural and delicate feel. This design not only enhances the tray’s aesthetic appeal but also makes it practical for holding fruit or serving as a dining table centerpiece. Besides its beauty, this tray is designed for practicality. Its rectangular shape is perfect for arranging various fruits, and the metal material ensures durability and ease of cleaning. The handles make it convenient to carry, even when filled with fruit, without feeling cumbersome. Due to its elegant appearance and practicality, this fruit tray is suitable for various occasions. Whether for daily family use or formal events like banquets and parties, it showcases the host's taste and quality of life.

With 14 years of perseverance and innovation, we have earned the recognition and trust of many customers. In the future, we will continue to focus on quality and innovation, launching more meticulously crafted home décor items to create a better living experience for you.

Thank you for choosing RUNDECOR, and we look forward to co-creating a new chapter in home aesthetics with you.

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