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Traditional and Fashionable Fusion – Alloy Elephant Sculpture Series


In a world full of beauty, auspicious things are like sunshine, warming our hearts. Conveying a sense of warm happiness and beautiful visions has always been the essence of RUNDECOR's commitment to innovation in home decor. Bringing together a team of experienced and excellent designers for six months, the exquisite gift and decor items from the RUNDECOR Enamel Elephant Sculpture Series – the Auspicious Elephant Sculpture Series, are now officially launched. These items quickly stand out as ideal choices for gifts of honor, happiness, and good fortune, making them perfect for presenting to relatives and friends.

Representing Classical Elegance and Nobility

Elephants in traditional Chinese culture symbolize good fortune, prosperity, and flourishing national development. The gold elephant series carries profound symbolism and unique charm in every detail, showcasing the spirit of exquisite craftsmanship. Adorned with classical and luxurious golden colors, it exudes supreme wisdom and strength. The all-over hand-painted satin with inlaid craftsmanship on the elephant's back adds rich ethnic characteristics and cultural connotations, making it a precious witness to moments of brilliance.

Setting a Beautiful and Happy Tone with Fashionable Tiffany Blue

In terms of design, adhering to fashion trends and using Tiffany blue as the main color creates a delightful and captivating effect. This intoxicating Tiffany blue not only symbolizes romance and mystery but also exudes an elegant temperament. The classic elephant image is given a fresh lease of life, radiating myriad colors. Hand-painted satin on the elephant's back, hand-inlaid rhinestone craftsmanship – not just a reproduction of a cultural image, but a hope for a happy and beautiful life.

Symbolizing Strength, Hope, Spring, and Vitality

Bronze, a unique color in China, carries the symbolic meaning of life in traditional Chinese culture, signifying strength, hope, and the symbolism of spring – representing the vitality of life. The exquisite bronze elephant conveys hope and strength with its noble posture. The overall bronze antique color reproduces the moments of brilliance witnessed throughout the ages, recounting the enduring belief in happiness. The incorporation of a laser-engraved lotus crystal ball injects an elegant and serene beauty.

The elephant symbolizes renewal, peace, and good luck. It represents beauty and happiness and serves as a symbol of wealth and peace. RUNDECOR consistently integrates traditional and uniquely crafted delicate enamel painting techniques with innovative and fashionable color combinations. It creatively applies a blend of classical and innovative approaches to express longing for a fulfilling life and endless nostalgia for happy times.

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