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The Pine of Ideal Beyond Reality


In the realm of home artistry, there stands a leader with 14 years of expertise—RUNDECOR. Focused on the mid-to-high-end consumer market, we are not just manufacturers of home decor; we are innovators and pioneers in modern artistic home decor. As time swiftly passes, we consistently stay attuned to the latest home trends and fashion elements.

In this era that values taste and lifestyle, we offer more than mere decorative products. We are dedicated to achieving the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. From home decor, vases, and fruit trays to wine racks, clocks, and candle holders, extending to daily storage, picture frames, and wall hangings, each product represents a profound exploration of modern aesthetics.

Whether you lean toward modern minimalism, have a passion for contemporary luxury, or find yourself enamored with new Chinese style or the trends of INS, we have meticulously crafted products to add vibrancy to your home life.

Step into the refined world of RUNDECOR, where we invite you to embark on a journey into the aesthetics of home living.

The pine tree, an auspicious symbol that has been passed down for millennia, embodies a cultural legacy. With symbolic meanings of resilience, longevity, and auspiciousness, the pine has been revered throughout history. Runxin Home Decor, with its unique design concepts, creative techniques, and exceptional craftsmanship, integrates the traditional cultural connotations and spiritual significance of the pine, bringing deeper blessings to modern home life.

Mystic and Far-reaching Pine on Taihu Stone

A standing cluster of brown Taihu stones, crafted from eco-friendly resin, showcases the tranquil and resilient character of the mountain pine. The emerald-green, glossy pine needles, meticulously hand-painted with enamel, vividly depict life, injecting a vibrant vitality and hope. The dots of emerald green seem to infuse life with a burst of vigor, creating a close connection between the pine tree and nature, bringing joy to life and hope to living.

Prosperity Symbolizing Pine on Azure Mountains

Set against the backdrop of majestic distant mountains, on natural jade stones, mountain ranges and green pines are embedded, evoking the grandeur and natural power of mountains and rivers. Its unique form and green leaves symbolize thriving vitality and a prosperous future.

Gourd Pine Symbolizing Longevity and Prosperity

The pine symbolizes longevity and tenacity, while the gourd represents blessings and auspiciousness. This artwork perfectly combines the two, presenting a unique aesthetic and meaning. It brings auspicious blessings and wishes of happiness, filling the home space with a festive and auspicious atmosphere.

Huangshan Welcoming Pine, Pursuit of Beauty and Love for Nature

The elegant and upright form of the pine tree, providing a sense of aesthetic enjoyment and love for nature, is presented in vivid enamel colors with high saturation, radiating a brilliant brilliance. It symbolizes the noble and rich like gold and jade, giving a sense of hope and brightness. The Golden Pine represents the pursuit of beauty and a splendid life, injecting happiness and passion into home life.

Each piece is meticulously carved and crafted with exquisite skill to showcase the unique charm and magical power of the pine tree. We believe that these are not just home decorations but artistic pieces carrying beautiful meanings.

Rundecor Factory will continue to strive ceaselessly, creating a beautiful home life for families through innovative design and outstanding quality. Let us all feel the power and beauty of the pine together, anticipating more surprises and satisfaction in human home life as we join hands.