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A Christmas Showcase of Exquisite Home Art


In this joyous season, acclaimed home decor manufacturer RUNDECOR is pleased to share its commitment to innovation and excellence in the home decor industry over the years. Focused on the mid to high-end consumer market, RUNDECOR has become a pioneer in the field of modern artistic home decor, skillfully integrating the latest trends and fashion elements.

Fusion of Modern Aesthetics

Dedicated to the innovation and independent research and development of modern artistic home decor, RUNDECOR has successfully blended decorative and functional elements to create a modern aesthetic that resonates with consumers. The product range spans various styles, including modern minimalism, contemporary luxury, new Chinese style, and the popular INS style.

Explore Our Exquisite Collection

Alloy-Footed Fruit Tray with Handle

Material: High-quality alloy

Production Process: The design of a sturdy alloy four-legged base and handle is not only durable but also elegant. Ideal for displaying fruits or snacks during festive gatherings.

Storage Jar with Magnolia Alloy Handle

Material: Alloy base with a magnolia alloy handle

Production Process: The alloy base ensures sturdiness, while the magnolia alloy handle adds a touch of nature. Ideal for storing candies or other small treats, combining functionality with artistic inspiration.

Round Fruit Tray with Magnolia Alloy Accents

Material: High-quality alloy

Production Process: A circular fruit tray featuring magnolia alloy flowers on both sides. This exquisite design adds a touch of sophistication to your table setting, perfect for special occasions.

Copper Sailboat Decor Set

Material: Copper

Production Process: This set includes one large and one small copper sailboat, meticulously crafted to add a nautical touch to your decor. Exquisite details make it a captivating centerpiece.

RUNDECOR continues to redefine home aesthetics, offering a curated collection that reflects our dedication to quality, innovation, and modern design. Visit our official website to explore more unique home decor items and embark on a journey of artistic expression and refined taste.

RUNDECOR - Elevating Home Decor to Artistic Heights.