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"Autumn-Winter Home Aesthetic Feast" - RunDecor | Autumn-Winter New Product Launch invites you to join us at Maison Shanghai and appreciate the charm of modern home decor together!


Can't hide it anymore! The preferred platform for global soft furnishing design and procurement - Maison Shanghai 2023 Fashion Home Exhibition will grandly open from September 11th to 14th at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre (SWEECC). Click to claim your free ticket!

RunDecor, as an exhibitor at the trade show for many years, has been deeply loved by customers both domestically and internationally thanks to its strong innovative capabilities and corporate strength. We live up to everyone's deep affection and support. With the dedication and efforts of our excellent design team over 180 days and 4320 hours, we are proud to announce that in 2023, we will be launching more than 300 new products for the autumn and winter season, which will be showcased at the SWEECC. We are here to bring you a completely new creative experience and let you explore the limitless possibilities of home decoration!

We sincerely invite you to join us at Maison Shanghai, appreciate the charm of modern home decor, explore industry trends, and gain insights into the future together!

Creativity is the soul of design, and strength is the foundation of a company. RunDecor has established a strong reputation in the field of design thanks to years of experience and capability. With a design team composed of seasoned designers and outstanding talents in the industry, each of them demonstrates their powerful professional expertise and continuously leverages their unique strengths in different domains.

President and designer Mr. Liao, with 25 years of senior experience, insists on integrating design with market demands to provide competitive solutions for clients. Senior designer Mr. Lee focuses on the styling and structural design of products, creating unique and functional products through unique creativity and attention to detail. Soft furnishing color coordinator Mr. Lin leverages his rich color matching and space ambiance creation abilities to craft comfortable and cozy living environments for you. Senior engineering project custom designer Mr. Zhou has extensive experience in structural design and construction techniques, offering practical solutions for engineering projects.

RunDecor, together with you, creates a beautiful home. Join us at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre! Let's witness the power of design and experience the charm of creativity together!

With 13 years of dedication, Rundercor has consistently integrated high cost-effectiveness as a fundamental requirement into product development. By delving deep into the aesthetic needs of the times and accurately understanding market demands and aesthetics, through continuous iterations and upgrades, they have built a diversified product matrix that combines multiple elements, materials, and craftsmanship. This includes product categories that represent a combination of decorative artistry and high cost-effectiveness, such as the fusion of ceramics with enamel color, jade with enamel color, copper with marble, crystal glass with enamel color art, and more.

In the path of developing new home decor products for consumers and the market, Rundecor is courageous in continuous innovation, always at the forefront of the industry, and leading trends. They consistently revolve around customer-centricity, with development as their foundation, and consider it their mission to provide high-quality and comprehensive products and services to a wide range of customers and consumers. With the support of a robust research and development design team, they create one classic hit product after another for the market.

Tiger Skin Parrot Ceramic Vase Ornament,Fired at 1300 degrees Celsius, Jingdezhen handmade ceramics feature enduring glaze colors that never fade, emanating a lasting and radiant luster. The art of ceramic crackle patterns ignites boundless artistic imagination. Exclusively molded parrots, painstakingly hand-painted enamel color artwork, stroke by stroke, exhibit unparalleled exquisite craftsmanship.

For more new and popular products, we invite you to join us at the offline exhibition: September 11th to 14th, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre – See you there!

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