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Shiyu Home Decor | Bringing Nature into Home Living


Under the radiance of the polar light, we seem to feel the purity and mystery within the ice and snow. And amidst the flames of the equator, we seem to sense the passionate dance of fire and its warmth. Just as mountains and lakes intertwine, the magnificent landscapes of the natural world leave us with deep and beautiful impressions. The blooming of each flower is like a painting, and the playful antics of every primate are filled with vibrant vitality. These beautiful and serene natural scenes often become our longing and yearning amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life.

As a pioneering factory specializing in home decor design for the past 13 years, Shiyu Home Decor understands the precious inspiration and power that nature bestows. We have always been committed to incorporating the exquisite beauty of nature into our product designs, with an enthusiastic desire to create a rich and wonderful home environment. Our editor has specially selected a series of best-selling products to allow you to experience the charm and warmth of nature in your own home.

Enamel-Painted Peony Vase
With the peony as its theme, this design features a double-beaded structure, and the use of glass material adds a soft lighting effect. The intricate enamel painting showcases the splendor and mystique of peony blossoms. Placed on a living room or TV cabinet, it will add an elegant and prosperous touch to your home decor.

Resin Sculpture Horse Ornament
Drawing inspiration from the Black Stallion, this sculpture elegantly captures the graceful posture of a horse. The ornament is crafted using high-quality resin material, and the exquisite craftsmanship and intricate details showcase the power and freedom of the horse. It is suitable for placement in a study or office, adding a sense of dynamism and taste to the space.

Crystal Glass Flower Vase
Drawing inspiration from glaciers and orchids, this vase showcases breathtaking shape and radiance. The design of the vase carries profound and beautiful symbolism, bringing the power and beauty of nature into your home. Whether displayed alone or adorned with fresh flowers, it will add a unique charm to your home decor.

Golden Leaf Ornament
Taking inspiration from natural tree leaves, this ornament features a golden design symbolizing wealth and prosperity. The golden sheen of the piece beautifully complements its intricate texture, bringing a touch of luxury and warmth to your home. This ornament is suitable for placement in a dining room or study, providing a sense of comfort and taste.

Coconut Tree Clock Ornament
Taking the form of a coconut tree and incorporating the functionality of a clock, this ornament embodies the fusion of nature and time. Made with high-quality materials, the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail showcase the delicacy and linear aesthetics of the coconut tree. This ornament is suitable for placement in a living room or study, bringing a sense of tranquility and joy to your space.

Abstract Resin Ornament
With the theme of seagulls battling the giant waves, this ornament symbolizes courage and freedom. Crafted entirely from bronze, the seagull embodies a nimble and beautiful posture as it bravely soars with outstretched wings. This piece showcases unparalleled agility and aesthetic appeal. It is suitable for placement in an entryway or office, serving as a reminder to maintain a brave and free attitude in both life and work.

"Shiyu Home Decor" incorporates the exquisite beauty of nature into home design, creating a rich and wonderful living space for you. Whether it's vases, ornaments, or clocks, each product carries a profound and meaningful symbolism. Through high-quality craftsmanship and unique designs, your home will radiate a distinctive charm and warmth. Let "Shiyu Home Decor" accompany you in experiencing the beauty and power of nature!

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