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RUNDECOR Home Decor: Special Recommendations for Dragon Boat Festival with Three Exquisite Masterpieces


RUNDECOR, a home decor manufacturer, has been operating in the Chinese home market for over 13 years, dedicated to providing innovative and self-developed modern art home decor for the middle to high-end consumers. With a focus on following home decor trends and incorporating fashion elements, RUNDECOR creates a modern aesthetic fusion of decorative and functional home decor that is adored by consumers. In celebration of the traditional Chinese festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, RUNDECOR presents three meticulously crafted and excellently materialized home decor pieces to bring a unique sense of beauty to your festive experience.

1. Product Name: Purple Dream Fruit Platter
   Material: High-quality glass and golden alloy
   Production Craftsmanship: Precision casting and manual assembly

RUNDECOR introduces another unique and exquisite product - the Purple Dream Fruit Platter. This fruit platter features a large bowl made of high-quality glass, accompanied by golden alloy branches and several captivating purple stones. The golden alloy branches gracefully grow around the edge of the platter, adding a touch of unique artistic ambiance to the entire piece. The spacious and transparent glass bowl perfectly showcases the vibrant colors and enticing aromas of the fruits, offering a dual enjoyment of visual and gustatory pleasures. The Purple Dream Fruit Platter combines precision casting and manual assembly craftsmanship, ensuring each piece is carefully polished to present a seamless blend of high quality and exquisite artistry. Whether for family gatherings or festival celebrations, the Purple Dream Fruit Platter adds a unique charm and a sense of luxury to your dining table, allowing your culinary delights to harmoniously intertwine with art. Choose RUNDECOR and fill your home with an artistic touch of life.

2. Product Name: Radiant Candle Holder
   Material: Fine crystal and metal
   Production Craftsmanship: Exquisite inlaying and manual polishing

This Radiant Candle Holder blends fine crystal and metal materials, meticulously crafted through exquisite inlaying and manual polishing. The crystal on the candle holder reflects a soft glow, resembling the flowing radiance that shines brightly in the candlelight. It serves not only as a practical lighting tool but also as an artistic presence, adding warmth and romantic ambiance to your living space.

3. Product Name: Nightfall Glass Bookrest
   Material: Black metal frame, blue glass panel
   Production Craftsmanship: Fine welding and glass fabrication

The Nightfall Glass Bookrest is composed of a black metal frame and a blue glass panel, ingeniously combined through fine welding and glass fabrication craftsmanship. The clean and sturdy lines of the black metal frame provide stable support for the bookrest, while the carefully polished and gleaming blue glass panel presents a clear and tranquil texture, reminiscent of a starry sky in the nightfall. This bookrest not only offers practicality by providing strong support for your books but also showcases a unique decorative effect, adding a touch of mystery and elegance to your study or living room.

RUNDECOR has always pursued quality and aesthetics, striving to seamlessly blend modern art with home life. Whether you prefer modern minimalism, contemporary luxury, new Chinese style, or the INS style, RUNDECOR will provide meticulously designed home decor pieces to meet your unique pursuit of beauty.

On this special Dragon Boat Festival, let RUNDECOR home decor accompany you in celebrating the festival and bring a distinctive elegance and artistic atmosphere to your home. Visit our official website now to discover more exciting home decor items and infuse beauty into your life.

Wishing you a joyful Dragon Boat Festival!