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RUNDECOR Takes You on a Journey of Fashionable Artistic Beauty in Home Decor


RUNDECOR, a home decor manufacturer with 13 years of experience, leads the trend of modern artistic home decor with its unique innovations and independent research and development. We focus on the middle to high-end consumer market, incorporating the latest home decor trends and fashion elements into our product designs. Our aim is to create a perfect fusion of decorative and functional home decor that captivates consumers with its modern aesthetics.

Now, we would like to introduce you to some remarkable products that showcase RUNDECOR's exceptional quality and unique charm:

Modern Minimalism: Moonshadow Vase
The Moonshadow Vase is made of high-quality handcrafted glass, featuring a unique streamlined design that embodies the beauty of modern minimalism. Each vase is meticulously polished, radiating a pure luster. Hanging from each vase is a small golden alloy flower, carefully selected with transparent tones to complement various home styles, adding a touch of mystery and elegance to your floral arrangements. 
This vase is crafted with exquisite workmanship, contrasting the textured gray glass with the shimmering golden flower. It not only adapts to various home styles but also creates a mysterious and elegant ambiance for your flowers. The Moonshadow Vase is a testament to modern art, showcasing your pursuit of home decoration and quality. It will become a stunning centerpiece in your home, injecting a unique modern aesthetic into your space.

Modern Blue and White Porcelain Storage Box: Dance of the Golden Dragonflies
Dance of the Golden Dragonflies is a modern blue and white porcelain storage box made of high-quality ceramic material. The unique blue and white porcelain pattern adds a classical charm to the box. Adorning the top of the box is a delicate golden copper dragonfly, infusing the entire storage box with vitality and liveliness.
This meticulously crafted storage box combines traditional blue and white porcelain craftsmanship with modern design. The blue and white color scheme and intricate patterns showcase elegance and nobility, while the golden copper dragonfly adds a touch of luxury and uniqueness. The Dance of the Golden Dragonflies storage box not only offers practicality but also adds an artistic atmosphere to your space. It is a practical and beautiful home decor piece that allows you to organize and store everyday small items in an elegant manner, while providing a unique visual experience in your home environment.

Artistic Metal Decor: Radiant Moments Picture Frame
The Radiant Moments Picture Frame is made of metal material, combining modern art with functionality. Its unique streamlined design and metallic texture add an artistic touch to your cherished photos. It is an ideal choice for showcasing memories and decorating your space.

Modern Luxury Candle Holder: White Waltz Candle Holder
The White Waltz Candle Holder embodies modern luxury with its high-quality white marble material and exquisite alloy candle cup. The marble material gives the candle holder a stable and noble appearance, while the alloy candle cup adds luster and grandeur. Its exquisite design will become one of the highlights in your home decor. With the gentle glow of candlelight, the White Waltz Candle Holder creates a warm and romantic ambiance.

RUNDECOR is committed to constantly innovating and bringing you the finest home decor products. Our product range includes vases, fruit trays, wine racks, clocks, candle holders, daily storage, picture frames, wall hangings, and more, covering various styles such as modern minimalism, contemporary luxury, new Chinese style, and INS style.

We adhere to the use of selected materials and exquisite craftsmanship, and every product undergoes strict quality control to ensure durability and customer satisfaction.

Please visit our official website to learn more about RUNDECOR home decor products and indulge in the fashionable beauty of home art.