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Rundecor Factory: The Leader of Home Decoration Industry


Rundecor Factory is a company that specializes in the design, production, and sales of home decorations. We focus on independent research and development, innovative design, and high-quality materials to continuously improve the quality and design level of our products. Recently, we have some news and updates to share with you. Let's take a closer look.

Firstly, we have launched a new product series called "Natural Ecology." The inspiration for this series comes from the beauty and harmony of nature. It is made of environmentally friendly materials and green production processes, aimed at allowing consumers to enjoy the beauty while feeling the harmony with nature. The products in this series include various vases, ceramic, and decorations, etc.

Secondly, while continuously improving product quality, we are also expanding our production scale. In order to better meet customer needs, we have introduced more advanced production equipment and technology, increased the number of production lines, and improved production efficiency. Currently, our factory area has expanded to 8,000 square meters, with six production lines and nearly a hundred outstanding employees. We believe that through continuous efforts and innovation, we can become the leader of the home decoration industry.

In addition, we actively participate in various home decoration industry exhibitions and events. Recently, we participated in the 51th China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) held in Guangzhou, where we showcased our latest products and design concepts. The exhibition attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign customers and media, showing great interest and recognition of our products and brand.

Rundecor Factory has always been customer-oriented, committed to becoming a leader in the home decoration industry. We believe that through continuous innovation and development, we will bring better quality products and services to our customers.

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