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Spring March, a strong start! The highlights of the spring new products of Runxin Factory Shi Yu Home Furnishings are first exposed!


the spring new products of Runxin Factory Shi Yu Home Furnishings have been released, and here are their highlights:

1.Exciting design: The spring new products of Runxin Factory Shi Yu Home Furnishings adopt unique and creative designs that catch people's eyes.

2.Diversity: The spring new product series includes a variety of different types of home furnishings, such as decorative ceramics, vases, and ornaments, meeting the needs of different people.

3.Full of spring: The spring new products adopt bright, fresh colors and natural, vivid elements, making your home full of the breath of spring.

Overall, the spring new products of Runxin Factory Shi Yu Home Furnishings have a rich and diverse design and color, bringing more vitality and energy to your home. Thank you for your question!

Since the beginning of the year, the previously quiet consumer market has welcomed a wave of hot trends. Against the backdrop of the obvious warming of Spring Festival consumption and a good start, the recovery of China's home decor industry is gradually unfolding. Since the start of production, both our foreign trade exports and domestic e-commerce, as well as visits from old and new customers to our factory, have increased significantly. From March 18th to March 21st, 2023, the big event of Runxin Factory - the Shi Yu Home Decor New Product Launch and the 51st China Guangzhou International Furniture Fair (CIFF) - is approaching. In this issue, the editor brings surprises to our fans and friends, with a sneak peek of Runxin's new year, new atmosphere, new products, and new policies.

In terms of the highlights of this season's new products, Runxin Factory has further clarified its positioning as a source factory, continuing to focus on the independent research, design, and production of home decor, home furnishings, vases, fruit trays, candlesticks, tissue boxes, wall hangings, and other categories. In the existing product lines, which combine enamel and color craftsmanship with materials such as ceramics, jade, glass, crystal, and resin, the focus is more clearly on the development of products in the style of new Chinese light luxury. This will inevitably maximize the core advantages, technological barriers, and cost-effectiveness of the products.

In addition to the ongoing exhibition promotion policy, which is increasing in intensity as always, this year, Runxin Factory has launched a brand channel product explosion activity specifically for old and new customers in three channels: foreign trade exports, domestic e-commerce, and physical wholesale. We also plan to release new product explosion events every month based on the original quarterly new product release conference, to ensure keeping up with market changes and empowering B-side customers, and solidly helping old and new customers steadily improve their market competitiveness and sales performance.

Since the beginning of the year, both market traffic and company order volume have achieved growth compared to 2022. We also face the current market with a positive and optimistic attitude, believing that 2023 will definitely be better. In addition to new product development, in 2023, Runxin Factory will pay more attention to the refined management and control of factory operating costs, and focus on enhancing the innovation of high-value home decor products to ensure the high-frequency production of new products with high appearance, quality, and cost-effectiveness in line with market trends. Furthermore, we will further increase the safe stock base of inventory to ensure faster delivery of orders, truly achieve efficient and speedy delivery with perfect quality, and achieve a win-win situation for employees, customers, suppliers, and the factory.

"Speed wins, bravery wins!" 

Under the trend of development and recovery, the spring of the home decoration industry has already begun. 

From March 18th to 21st, Runxin Factory's Shiyu Home Decoration 2023 New Product Launch cordially invites everyone 

to witness the power of innovation together.

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