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Ceramic vase in the living room with feng shui


The placement of Ceramic Vase Decor in feng shui is generally considered to be related to the homeowner's emotions, marriage, peace, health, financial fortune, career, etc.

Because the general function of Ceramic Vase Decor in real life is to arrange flowers, and flowers are a symbol of women and emotions, the placement of ceramic vases is related to the emotions and marriage of the homeowner; Because the character of the ceramic vase is the same as the flat character of peace, the placement of the ceramic vase is related to the peace and evilfulness of the homeowner; Because the shape of the ceramic vase is similar to the gourd, and the ancients believed that the gourd is charged and is a symbol of medicine, the placement of the ceramic vase is related to the health of the homeowner; Because the ceramic vase is actually a kind of container, and its shape is also like a piggy bank, the placement of the ceramic vase is related to the fortune of the homeowner; Because ceramic vases are handicrafts and symbols of elegance, at the same time, the vase of ceramic vases is the same as calm, plain, ordinary, stable, flat, flat and green, etc., so ceramic vases are related to the heart and career of the owner; Wait a minute.

But feng shui tells us that everything is divided in two. That is to say, the placement of Ceramic Vase Decor may happen related to emotional peach blossoms, but not necessarily auspicious, and its auspicious depends on the location of the ceramic vase, and the color, pattern, size, material, style, quantity, emptiness, etc. of the ceramic vase, as well as the indoor layout of the house, outdoor environment, etc. and the homeowner's association, because the essence of feng shui is people-oriented, people-centered, is the auspicious murder of people, without the main body of people, feng shui is meaningless.