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Matching skills of household accessories


If you want to bring the atmosphere of nature into your home, it is absolutely the best choice to put some flowers and plants in your home. For example, it is better to place several flowers of different sizes in the middle of the living room coffee table, and insert seasonal flowers into the vase. If you think it is too expensive to buy flowers, you can also use simulated flowers. Different flowers in different seasons can create different spatial interests.

Every season has its own color and pattern of home fabric. Whether it is colorful printing, gorgeous silk, or romantic lace, different styles of fabric transform into different home styles. You can choose the appropriate fabric decoration according to different seasons, making the whole space lively, warm and energetic.

Symmetrical and balanced combination of some household accessories can easily become the focus of vision. When there are large furniture nearby, the order of arrangement should be from high to low to avoid visual incongruity. Look at this effect picture of home decoration. Two picture frames with the same style are juxtaposed, and two pillow pillows with the same color and pattern are juxtaposed. Does it give you a peaceful and warm feeling.

When placing ornaments, one is large and one is small. Clear layers can highlight the characteristics of each ornament. It will feel very comfortable visually. The effect picture of this home decoration decoration, one large and one small, one front and one back, makes the living room full of harmonious rhythm. You can also adjust the order according to your personal preferences, change different pendulum methods, and change different home moods.